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Photontree-X Head Mounted Display



  • 800-inch screen, Movies, Games, 
  • Supporting PC, NB, Phone, Switch, PS4(Pro), Xbox.
  • The HDMI interface, plug, and play.
  • 2560X800 resolution.
  • 584PPI high-density pixels.
  • Up to 1080P@60fps, 720P input.

Product Description

The most vigorous dual-optical 800-inch head-mounted display in history, supporting PC, NB, Phone, Switch, PS4, a display that breaks all hardware and contents without hardware restrictions, and supports all games and movies.




Supports multiple devices

2560X720 resolution, dual LCD panel, 800-inch immersive screen, 584PPI high-density pixels, instant plug, and play, up to 1080P @ 60fps, 720P input.Built-in 1.8-meter length HDMI 1.4a video interface, supporting various video output, 1080P resolution devices, without any settings and installation of any additional software to output images in real-time, the best choice for watching movies, playing games, and the second screen of the computer.





Supports multiple devices

Compatible Smartphone, notebook, PC, Switch, PS4, XBOX, and Apple TV.es


Watch movies

Present movies and small screens from mobile phones, PCs, and NBs to the large screen of the head-mounted display with HDMI real-time audio and video transmission.





800-inch immersive large screen to watch HBO, NETFLIX, YouTube

Present movies and small screens from mobile phones, PCs, and NBs to the large screen of the head-mounted display with HDMI real-time audio and video transmission. Regardless of HBO, NETFLIX, YouTube, all the content in the device can be presented in the high-definition cinema specifications of the movie theater through instant video and audio transmission, without limitation.




▋Enjoy the full screen of Switch and PS4 gameplay experiences

Using the built-in HDMI and USB of the game device, players can directly transfer the screen to the head-mounted display at 720P 60fps or 1080P 60fps in real-time. Players can enjoy the Switch Animal Crossing, Mario Kart, Super Smash, PS4, PS4 ProDeath Stranding, Monster Hunter, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil…


Just Plug and Play


 Support the Steam platform. Gaming PC games. No hardware specification restrictions

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and CS GO are all known as game masterpieces, but no matter how big your game screen is, even if the room lights are turned off, you still can’t feel as if you’re there. Winning the game but losing pleasure in the process, I think this is one of the reasons that all players have never been satisfied, but we can help you achieve it.


Double optical game perspective. Control keyboard with both bands and mouse

In the process of developing the head-mounted display, we also considered that the four shortcut keys or mouse of ASWD could not be controlled by both hands, which is a fatal injury to the player, so we designed the world’s first dual optical patent that allows you to enjoy the immersion with your eyes while still operating the keyboard and mouse from the perspective below.




16.7 million color rendering 2.6 “LCD dual-panel #

High-color-width RGB dual-panel custom-made high-density panel allows you to feel the most original picture when using a computer or playing game. Truly restored undistorted picture


2.5K resolution 583 PPI pixel density

Developed based on the widest viewing angle of the human eye, the miniature golden ratio LCD panel has a 583 PPI pixel density that is five times higher than the general professional gaming monitor and 27% higher than the pixel density of the iPhone 11 Pro panel. With the ultra-wide-angle patented Retina optical lens, it is wider than the traditional screen and gaming monitor, deepening the real immersion of watching movies and games.


90 degree wide view angle

It simulates 800-inch large screen at a 20 meter distance, so you can enjoy IMAX Cinema like experience while lying on a sofa or bed

Simulate the most relaxed and comfortable 20-meter distance of the eyeball, accurately simulate the real curvature of the human eye retina with millions of lights to allow the eye lens crystals to relax as if looking at the distant mountain and sea views. Supplemented by Nano-level optical lens forming and grinding technology, the virtual screen size is over 13 times larger than the 60 “TV screen viewing angle, and the viewing angle of the screen is equivalent to the screen size for viewing in the iMAX theater.


Extend the privacy function of the second screen

Supports Apple Mac series and Windows system laptops with USB and HDMI interfaces. Output 720P 60FPS or1080P 60FPS images and extend the use of a second computer screen without additional configuration and software installation. It also supports the built-in blue eye protection mode setting of the laptop to allow you to enjoy the big picture without any burden.


No longer need to straighten the waist while using the laptop to watch movies and work

Neck pain or physical fatigue are common problems with people who work on laptops or watch movies extensively. The head-mounted display allows you to lie back on the sofa or table and chair to watch the screen in the most comfortable posture without any burden. The semi-open view space also allows you to notice the things around you. When you don’t want to be disturbed or watch a movie quietly, you can quickly install the soft blackout cover in three seconds to fully immerse yourself in the private world.


How to connect

Connect HDMI to your device and USB 5V power supply, output 720P@60fps or 1080P @ 60fps images to the head-mounted display without installing any software. The device has a built-in 3.5mm headphone jack and comes with a set of headphones to allow you to enjoy the best theater and gaming experiences.



(*) iPhone should extra lighting to HDMI converter.

(*) Android Phone should extra support MHL or DP Alt Mode



Type C interface laptop can also transfer via HDMI quickly

Don’t worry, some MacBook or Windows have a built-in Type C interface. Using a conventional Type C to HDMI adapter can also transfer images to a head-mounted display.



Private theater suitable for long-distance travel 

During long-distance travel, we believe that in addition to enjoying the beautiful scenery along the road, many people will also use their mobile phones to watch their favorite episodes. Based on this, in the power supply design, we choose USB 5V less than 0.5A low power consumption drive and tested with 10,000mAh mobile power supply for the actual testing, the results show that the head-mounted display can continue to run for up to 8 hours



▋190 grams of lightweight

190 grams of lightweight, compact internal design, lighter than an iPhone11 Pro Max phone (226 grams), With an ultra-high-density memory foam head pad and adjustable leather headband, you will feel relaxed and free after watching a 2-hour movie and playing a video game. During the research and development process, the breathable sponge has undergone many ergonomic experiments. The material with the highest density, high breathability, and elasticity is used, and it has no burden on your forehead. To bear an average load and no burden on your forehead, we use the highest density, high permeability, and elastic materials.



45-degree flip cover design, Guarantee uninterrupted movies and games

Suddenly want to find snacks on the sofa during the movie, but don’t want to miss the exciting moment of tension and excitement, just lift the display and do whatever you need.




3.5 mm headphone jack, free to expand and use

To give you the best experience for the first time, it comes with lightweight 3D stereo audio headphones, so that you can not only enjoy the visual experience but also feel the sense of hearing immersion.


you can also use your favorite 3.5mm jack wired headphones.




▋CP value breaks records with full of positive feedback








Additional Information

Weight 180 g
Dimensions 18 x 12 x 11 cm


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