Our vision and mission

At Photontree X, our mission is to create engaging, enriching and exciting experiences with the world’s lightest
wearable tech gadgets and devices. Our cutting-edge products are made from the highest-quality materials
and have undergone the strictest standards of quality to ensure our customers enjoy a fully immersive and
comfortable gaming and entertainment experience, whether at home or on-the-go!




Thanks to the built-in HDMI and USB ports, you can enjoy all your favorites, from YouTube to
Netflix and from action to racing games like never before!
Our video game headset is fully compatible with smartphones, notebooks, PCs, Nintendo Switch,
Blue ray players, PS4, XBOX, Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV and many more devices!
Also, we have bundled a 3.5mm Headphone with our video headset, so you can enjoy everything privately.
You can also use a Bluetooth headset by directly connecting to the device.


Large screen

Our pc gaming headset simulates 800-inch large screen at a 20 meter distance of the eyeball with the real
curvature of the human eye retina, so you can enjoy your favorites with perfect eye comfort as you are looking
at a mountain or sea!



built-in HDMI and USB
Our gaming headset for pc features an HDMI port and an USB port, so you can easily transfer the screens of
most digitaldevices including smartphones, PCs and game consoles to the large screen of the head-mounted display
at 720P/60fps or 1080P 60fps in real-time!



Lightweight, comfortable design.
45 degrees rotatable
Our headset for gaming is the lightest in its class with the weight of just 6.70 ounces. It features an
adjustable headband and designed using high density, breathable and elastic materials for hours of enjoyment.

The display can be lifted upwards up to 45 degrees, so you can use your smartphone or enjoy a coffee,
without removing the video headset. Also, your neck is free relative to the display, so you can work while
looking at the screen in the most comfortable posture with less strain on the neck!



Resolution and pixel density
Photontree X Game Headset gives you the 2560 x 720 resolution with 583 PPI pixel density for unparalleled visual
fidelity of graphics, text and textures!


Viewing angle

The Nano-level optical lens of our gamer headphones make 90 degree viewing angle which is equivalent
to the viewing angle of an IMAX theater, so you can enjoy immersive and realistic cinema experience at the
comfort of your home!


Items inside the package


Innovative Optical Lenses

39mm lenses with 2H level hard coating quality.

We welcome any co-brand or ODM opportunities to enable best VR experience